Electric Avenue: National Grid hosts a MAD Science day at Montem Primary School

National Grid is delighted to have visited Montem Primary School in Islington, on Friday 9th October, to host a MAD Science workshop to teach their pupils all about electricity.

During the workshop, pupils were introduced to their very own MAD Scientist ‘Dangerous Dan’, who taught them all about electricity, through fun interactive experiments, which saw pupils learn about protons and electrons, conductors, insulators and static electricity.  The atmosphere in the room was electric as pupils conducted hair-raising experiments with an electro-static Van de Graaff generator, as well as creating their very own circuit to make a human light bulb.

National Grid enjoys a close relationship with Montem Primary School, which is located next to National Grid’s new Highbury Substation site, off Seven Sisters Road, in Islington and will be connecting the school to its innovative heat recycling scheme.  Which will mean that once the substation is operational, Montem School will receive free heat for five years.

Nicola Henderson, Teacher at Montem Primary School, said:

“I would like to thank National Grid for hosting this event for Montem Primary School; with the help of their MAD Scientist, the pupils had an absolutely fantastic time; and thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the experiments and learning more about electricity.”

Dan Angel, Project Manager from National Grid said:

“As well as helping keep the lights on in London, we like stay connected with the local communities in which we operate in. We are really pleased to have visited Montem Primary school and introduce them to MAD Science. It was great to see pupils have such enjoyable time learning about electricity and STEM. “

The workshop was also attended by representatives from National Grid who spoke to the pupils about the Highbury Substation and its wider role within the London Power Tunnels Project (LPT).  LPT involves the construction of a new 32km long tunnel deep below the capital’s streets, which will carry new high voltage electricity cables and ensure Londoners are able to access safe and reliable energy supplies for many years to come.  The new cables will connect National Grid’s existing substations in London as well as its new substation at Highbury.

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